Deloitte France and ECP announce partnership on project performance analysis, auditing and improvement

25 June 2015 // News

The complementary expertise of Deloitte France and ECP/ORYA has prompted the two consulting companies to announce a partnership aimed at helping their clients manage their projects more effectively.

“From our first discussions with ECP, we realized that we were very complementary. The ECP teams have broad expertise in industrial project support and are able to rapidly identify critical points and propose and implement solutions for their clients,” stated Marc Duchevet, Risk Advisory Lead Partner at Deloitte.
Most companies have been confronted with failure in their projects to a greater or lesser degree. Incidents are generally identified too late, yet if properly anticipated corrective action could have been taken at little cost.

A consultancy specializing in industrial management which has worked with major international groups for the past 25 years, ECP contributes its business expertise to project launches and performance improvement. Highlighted by predictive analysis using the PPA tool, a project’s risk factors can be transformed into recommendations and operational action plans including, if necessary, guidance and reinforced support throughout the project’s life cycle.

For Bruno Sucré, ECP’s President: “Our clients need to systematically reinforce the risk assessment and governance of their projects by adopting a robust approach. The PPA tool contributes genuine value added, as the teams at Deloitte are experts in mapping risks and strengthening internal controls.”

Moreover, managing a portfolio of projects can be a delicate matter, especially when having to take decisions in a context of limited resources: how do you reallocate, which projects do you protect, and on the basis of which criteria?
Consultancy Deloitte has developed a tool for predictive analysis projects: PPA – Predictive Projects Analytics.

Using a database of several thousand projects, the PPA tool lets you:

  • Objectively and exhaustively define the factors of complexity of each project (not simply a matter of size)
  • Obtain a dynamic vision of a portfolio of projects, enabling you to allocate resources correctly
  • Then, for the more sensitive projects, do a predictive analysis of the risk factors that could generate failure (statistical correlation between the project under consideration and the PPA database)

In other words, PPA backs up the risk-mapping and project governance review measures conducted for a number of years by Deloitte’s Risk Advisory teams.

Theme breakfast on keeping project costs under control

24 June 2015 // News

One of the subjects tackled as part of ECP’s theme breakfasts was keeping project costs under control: how to anticipate, reduce and manage them effectively.

In a project environment in which it is proving increasingly difficult to keep on target, it is vital to optimize the technical and economic aspects and control the costs to completion of projects, especially those of strategic contracts. Specific tools and methods do exist and are regularly deployed by the ECP experts.

This meeting was led by Catherine Libert, an expert in Costs/Estimation and manager of the ECP Centre of Excellence in Cost, Estimating and Control, and by Marion Berlioz, a specialist in functional analysis and value analysis.

Various subjects were treated and illustrated by means of real-life examples:

  • What methods and tools are there to reduce costs?
  • How can I keep project costs to completion under control?

How do I present the estimated cost to completion of projects?

Theme breakfast on predictive risk analysis

22 May 2015 // News

In a project environment in which it is increasingly difficult to stay on target, the deterministic approach (estimating a single value) to evaluating deadlines and costs is clearly inadequate today. To stay credible and gain maturity, it is crucial to take a holistic and probabilistic view of the risks of a project. Predictive risk analysis enables you to do this analysis and take the right decisions to make sure you stay on target.
This meeting was led by Mikael Carduner, manager of ECP’s consulting and training arm, ORYA, and expert consultant.

Theme breakfast in partnership with the AACE-I

13 March 2015 // News

The AACE-I (Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering) is the world’s most active association in the field of project management development and promotion. Whether on cost control, planning, or risk or contract management, it has published numerous guidelines and recommended practices which are references in their fields and invaluable tools for establishing effective project management. It also organizes an annual international congress, where numerous experts have the chance to share experiences.
At ECP’s request, James Perry*, AACE-I former regional manager for Europe-Africa came along to present the work of this association, which has a strong presence in English-speaking countries but is less well-known in France.
The presentation provided an opportunity to talk about the following issues:

  • What are the implications of this method of functioning for French companies operating in an international context?
  • What are the advantages of transposing these practices to a purely French context?
  • What are the pitfalls to be avoided?

ECP organizes theme breakfasts throughout the year. Keep yourself posted by consulting our news page regularly.


23 February 2015 // News

Following the presentation of the company by Lionel Apostolo, ECP’s CEO, and Bruno Alibert, manager of the Centre of Excellence in QSSE, held last 22 February at La Maison de l’Entreprise in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, ECP became a member of the CYCLIUM association.

CYCLIUM Nucléaire & Technologies, a group of companies in the nuclear industry of the Rhône valley, is an association, under the 1901 associations act, of companies involved in the construction, maintenance and dismantling cycle.

Theme breakfast on predictive assessment of projects in partnership with Deloitte

22 January 2015 // News

ECP works with Deloitte to help its clients make their projects more efficient.
With the aid of a predictive, statistical project model (a benchmark of several thousand projects), ECP and Deloitte help you identify the areas of risk in your current and past projects, supply recommendations to eliminate risks and offer their assistance in implementing them.