In fast-changing markets and unforeseeable geopolitical and economic contexts with ever more innovative technologies and increasingly long, costly and risky life cycles, the challenge today is how to manage the complexity, uncertainty, constraints and globalization of industrial projects.

In the face of these industrial challenges, ECP’s project management expertise is the best way to ensure simple, clear, smooth-running processes

Managing the complexity of industrial projects

Multiplication of stakeholders, technological complexity

Design-to-value, agile methods and new technologies – ECP’s teams of experts assist you in Europe and all over the world in developing and deploying best project management practices.

The complexity of managing industrial projects: multiplication of stakeholders, faster pace of technological change

Today we live in a context of increasingly complex projects that require appropriate methods, as well as the appropriate competences. Managing a project today means managing the complexity resulting from the multiplication of stakeholders, growing budgets and the faster pace at which new technologies are developing. Thanks to careful application of the most recent project management methods (design-to-value, agile methods and others), the ECP teams of experts assist you in developing and deploying best practices.

ECP’s involvement begins at a very early stage, ensuring that all the processes involved in project management flow smoothly

Using a proven method, our first task is to build a sound project structure. This makes the complexity acceptable – and accepted, because people then see the project as clearer and more robust.


A meta-project in West Africa (worth around G$15) has the objective of increasing the aluminum production capacity of a world leader in the sector. The following options have therefore to be considered:

  • Altering the existing foundry,
  • Building a new foundry,
  • Building two hydro-electric dams,
  • Building a port infrastructure (offshore port),
  • Building a dam to regulate river flow upstream.

All of this has to be done with industrial and institutional partners in the country, while involving local Contractors and reporting to the corporate departments of the industrial group in North America.

This is typical of the kind of industrial management project content that we are capable of managing and coordinating, however complex.

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Managing uncertainty: national policies, investment risks, etc.

Managing uncertainty: risk, cost and schedule analysis

Disrupted value chains, market reversals, changing regulations – project environments are increasingly uncertain, which necessitates not only greater rigor and competence in the analysis of the project risks, costs and planning, but also complementing the traditional deterministic approach with a probabilistic one.

Coping with uncertainty in industrial project management: national policies, investment risks, etc.

Thanks to top-level expertise and useful feedback, ECP deploys modern and effective methods and tools in matters of risk analysis. Risk registers, risk mitigation plans and statistical modelling provide guarantees and greater clarity as to whether major milestones will be attained, the soundness of budget provisions and, ultimately, the success of a project.

ECP provides peace of mind

Thanks to its business expertise and innovative approaches, ECP helps you analyze and prevent the risks that might affect your projects or your portfolio of projects more effectively.


A client asked us to undertake a quantitative risk analysis to establish a safe level of budget provisions on behalf of an OPCO (operating company) in the gas sector – part of a project worth several tens of billion dollars in the Pacific. In a project of this size, a variation of a few cents would translate into hundreds of millions of dollars. Our client’s confidence is based on our top-level expertise, experience and rigorous methods and, of course, the historical relationship between us.

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Managing constraints: legal, safety, environmental, budget, etc.

Projects are subject to ever tighter constraints – limited budgets, tight deadlines, a strict regulatory framework, greater societal and environmental pressures. Simply reacting can jeopardize success. By becoming involved at a very early stage, ECP helps you anticipate, integrate and manage these constraints within the project processes. With risk analysis, functional analysis, scenario simulation and advance preparation of interventions, the constraints remain but do not act as a brake.

Constraints in industrial project management: legislation, safety, environment, cost, contracts, etc.

With the support of its Technical Department, ECP puts at your disposal experts with the advantage of our business feedback, who know from the preliminary stages of a project how to judge the constraints and take steps to limit their impact.

ECP is a project partner well-versed in the issue of constraints in national and international contexts

We are highly experienced in the very specific field of industrial project management in the oil, mining, nuclear and other sectors.


  • A prominent oil operating company wants to raise the production capacity of a deep offshore oilfield in West Africa. That means adding several thousand tons of new crude processing systems to the production platform and stopping production on the platform to update the control center – all at 150km offshore with limited logistics and onboard staff, severe safety constraints and pressure from partners to start production again without delay, etc.
  • ECP is assisting this client in the structuring and preparation of the work in situ with a specially designed tool and method which integrates the constraints and allows the team to focus on the core task.

This is a typical example of constraint management in an industrial project which we are capable of handling constructively and smoothly.

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Managing project globalization: multiple sites, desynchronized schedules, dialogue and comprehension problems, etc.

Geographically widely dispersed projects

Managing geographically widely dispersed projects: ECP’s project management consultants have worked in difficult international and multicultural contexts since 1988.

Projects are being developed in increasingly dispersed geographical and cultural environments, which calls for great flexibility on the part of all stakeholders to facilitate dialogue and comprehension of the different aspects of projects in terms of how they are managed.

ECP frequently manages international projects

An internationally operating company with a network of agents, ECP assists its clients in projects all over the world.


An international consortium is constructing a new oil refinery in the Middle East:

  • The front-end engineering is being done in Italy
  • The different industrial packages numbering around ten are distributed across contractors in Europe, South-east Asia and the Middle East, among others

Thanks to several decades of experience in this very specific context, ECP has no difficulty in mobilizing its resources, whether expatriate or local. Every aspect is handled through international contracts and our subsidiaries in the Middle East.

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