Deloitte France and ECP announce partnership on project performance analysis, auditing and improvement

25 June 2015

The complementary expertise of Deloitte France and ECP/ORYA has prompted the two consulting companies to announce a partnership aimed at helping their clients manage their projects more effectively.

“From our first discussions with ECP, we realized that we were very complementary. The ECP teams have broad expertise in industrial project support and are able to rapidly identify critical points and propose and implement solutions for their clients,” stated Marc Duchevet, Risk Advisory Lead Partner at Deloitte.
Most companies have been confronted with failure in their projects to a greater or lesser degree. Incidents are generally identified too late, yet if properly anticipated corrective action could have been taken at little cost.

A consultancy specializing in industrial management which has worked with major international groups for the past 25 years, ECP contributes its business expertise to project launches and performance improvement. Highlighted by predictive analysis using the PPA tool, a project’s risk factors can be transformed into recommendations and operational action plans including, if necessary, guidance and reinforced support throughout the project’s life cycle.

For Bruno Sucré, ECP’s President: “Our clients need to systematically reinforce the risk assessment and governance of their projects by adopting a robust approach. The PPA tool contributes genuine value added, as the teams at Deloitte are experts in mapping risks and strengthening internal controls.”

Moreover, managing a portfolio of projects can be a delicate matter, especially when having to take decisions in a context of limited resources: how do you reallocate, which projects do you protect, and on the basis of which criteria?
Consultancy Deloitte has developed a tool for predictive analysis projects: PPA – Predictive Projects Analytics.

Using a database of several thousand projects, the PPA tool lets you:

  • Objectively and exhaustively define the factors of complexity of each project (not simply a matter of size)
  • Obtain a dynamic vision of a portfolio of projects, enabling you to allocate resources correctly
  • Then, for the more sensitive projects, do a predictive analysis of the risk factors that could generate failure (statistical correlation between the project under consideration and the PPA database)

In other words, PPA backs up the risk-mapping and project governance review measures conducted for a number of years by Deloitte’s Risk Advisory teams.