Theme breakfast on keeping project costs under control

24 June 2015

One of the subjects tackled as part of ECP’s theme breakfasts was keeping project costs under control: how to anticipate, reduce and manage them effectively.

In a project environment in which it is proving increasingly difficult to keep on target, it is vital to optimize the technical and economic aspects and control the costs to completion of projects, especially those of strategic contracts. Specific tools and methods do exist and are regularly deployed by the ECP experts.

This meeting was led by Catherine Libert, an expert in Costs/Estimation and manager of the ECP Centre of Excellence in Cost, Estimating and Control, and by Marion Berlioz, a specialist in functional analysis and value analysis.

Various subjects were treated and illustrated by means of real-life examples:

  • What methods and tools are there to reduce costs?
  • How can I keep project costs to completion under control?

How do I present the estimated cost to completion of projects?