Theme breakfast in partnership with the AACE-I

13 March 2015

The AACE-I (Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering) is the world’s most active association in the field of project management development and promotion. Whether on cost control, planning, or risk or contract management, it has published numerous guidelines and recommended practices which are references in their fields and invaluable tools for establishing effective project management. It also organizes an annual international congress, where numerous experts have the chance to share experiences.
At ECP’s request, James Perry*, AACE-I former regional manager for Europe-Africa came along to present the work of this association, which has a strong presence in English-speaking countries but is less well-known in France.
The presentation provided an opportunity to talk about the following issues:

  • What are the implications of this method of functioning for French companies operating in an international context?
  • What are the advantages of transposing these practices to a purely French context?
  • What are the pitfalls to be avoided?

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