Are you a project owner, a prime contractor, equipment supplier, construction company or more broadly a player in the wider project environment (investor, insurer, institution, etc.) looking to ensure the success of one or more industrial projects?

ECP supplies project management solutions.

Project control, systems engineering, coordination, supply chain management, quality, safety and security management: in other words, management of costs (value analysis, estimation, cost control), time (scheduling, project progress), risk (analysis, management), contracts (procurements, changes, claims etc.), content and technical performance (systems analysis, functional analysis, management of project configuration, interfaces, etc.) and of quality, safety and security are all part of ECP’s expertise.

Energy, oil and gas, nuclear, defense, heavy industry, infrastructure, research, etc.

Today, this expertise is deployed in different sectors of activity with which ECP is very well acquainted (energy, oil and gas, nuclear, defense, heavy industry, infrastructure, research, etc.) and during the different phases in the life cycle of a project or industrial asset (studies, construction, revamping, dismantling, etc.).

Who have we worked for since 1988?

These are major advantages thanks to which ECP is able to offer specific solutions to the challenges facing the different players in the industrial sector:

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