Specializing in industrial project experience and operational management, ECP also offers project management consultancy and training courses for your teams, specially tailored to the needs of your company.

Strategic advice, advice on operations and training programmes for your industrial projects

Because we know the world of industry, the major projects and the issues specific to them inside out, we put our experience, competence and know-how at the service of your business activity to meet the challenge of performance for your projects. We create the conditions for successful projects on behalf of decision-makers and executives.

With ECP and its consultancy center Orya, you have a quality, local partner which:

  • Offers combined competence in strategic and operational consultancy, providing not only solutions for your projects or organizations, but also the resources to deploy them
  • Takes advantage of the lessons learned by its operating teams to offer pragmatic, functional solutions for highest-level decision-making
  • Scans for developments in project management and related disciplines (e.g. agile methods, design-to-value, lean engineering, etc.) so that you take advantage of the latest benchmarks

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Project management training

Orya, ECP’s consultancy and training center, offers a package of project management training courses which could be advantageous to many players in the industrial or services sector.
Thanks to these training courses, you can improve individual and collective skills in your company in the different domains of project management and make it easier to attain project goals – especially those of quality, cost and time.
These training courses are taught by seasoned experts. They can be held at our offices, or in-house. They are tailored to your context (content, duration, industrial practices) and the preparatory work is done together with your co-workers.
Specializing in project consultancy, expertise and operational management, Orya offers global or specific training solutions that can be adapted to the needs of your company.
ECP is a recognized, approved training body registered under number 93.13.08074.13.

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