Cost estimation, cost control, risk management and planning are key factors in industrial projects.

Our expertise in industrial projects is a huge advantage for your project management reference framework, for managing your teams, for project support, lessons learned processes and more. With ECP, managing your portfolio of projects is so much simpler.

ECP and industrial project expertise

The complexity of today’s projects and the issues and risks related to them mean that stakeholders have to have a clear view and certainties to be able to take the right decisions. ECP and its teams of project management experts contribute absolutely impartial expertise that provides greater clarity of vision and aids decision-making.

  • How can we achieve the best technical and economic solution and improve return on investment? ECP conducts functional and value analyses, audits and improves project cost estimations, and paves the way for serene investment decisions.
  • How can we assess and make provision for the uncertainties and risks surrounding the objectives (costs, time, etc.) of projects? ECP deploys qualitative and quantitative analysis that help establish solid budget provisions and planning for the key events in the project, so that decision-makers can advance with confidence.
  • How can we keep the supply chain under control ahead of a project and throughout its life cycle? ECP guides you as you set up your contract and procurement strategy, analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the contracts, audits suppliers, assists you in legal disputes and actively contributes to making project supply chains run smoothly and efficiently.
  • How can we measure how effective our safety and security systems are? ECP assists projects during implementation of the safety/security policy and strategy, conducts audits/diagnostics and recommends improvement plans. This expertise helps optimize safety/security risk management programmes.
  • How can we be sure that a project is still “on track”? ECP audits project schedules, cost elements, physical progress, the contract situation and other aspects, and provides an expert opinion on project status as well as recommendations for action.

ECP’s team of experts, backed up by a network of partner experts, is made up of highly experienced people who have worked at the focal center of projects of all types and at all phases and who consequently have a great capacity for listening, analyzing and “taking a step back” to provide premium expert services for our clients.

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