Management of maintenance shutdowns, operational safety and safety issues related to simultaneous operations, cost control or monitoring of physical progress – the project management software from ECP is entirely based on real-life cases and can be integrated seamlessly into the specifics of your site.

TracksIssow: safety software for managing simultaneous activities

Tracks management work permits
TRACKS (Tasks&RisksAnalysis Coordination &checK) lets you manage work permits on a day-to-day basis: this software suite can be customized to take the strategy and safety constraints of each site into account and to manage simultaneous operations and compatibility between them in defined zones (simultaneous operations management – Simops). Tracks manages your industrial work permits, analyzes concurrent operations in real time and simultaneously assesses all your safety, production and schedule constraints so that you can make the right choices.

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SPS, an operations management tool

To manage your maintenance shutdowns, SPS automates and helps you control pre-shutdown processes from end-to-end of a project’s value chain. An expert software suite for preparing for major shutdowns of production units, SPS lets you plan job packages according to the defined sequencing strategy. The tender document consultation module fed directly with information from the contacted contractors makes it easier to draw up a quick technical and commercial comparison between them. Interfacing with all the most current commercial planning tools, the SPS software suit lets you retrace the schedules drawn up by the companies and track progress.

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Saphir, a tool for managing the physical progress of works

With Saphir, you manage libraries of ratios, the progress of works and the planned and actual number of hours. Then, analytical reports and diagrams help you schedule your projects and manage deadlines. Aimed at measuring the physical progress of projects, this software helps planning engineers and cost controllers to keep tighter control on deadlines in their projects.
This tool is used as a complement to planning software.
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Logicost: controlling and analyzing the costs of your project

This cost analysis and monitoring software was designed by cost control experts and developed thanks to long-term collaboration between business specialists and IT engineers. It offers its users a reliable means of managing the costs of a project at all times by optimizing their analytical capacity thanks to fast access to crucial data.
During a whole project life cycle, Logicost lets you consolidate expenditure and draw up forecasts for costs to completion and provides a complete, pertinent reporting system to help you manage the project.
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