The core business of a large number of clients consists of discovering or designing and then producing substances, products or systems. Consequently, their project management needs concern production, products or system facilities.

ECP responds to these needs with integrated services such as project management support, a Project Management Office or a business support platform, which commit us to getting results.

Our approach consists of maximizing value added with high-quality services which are competitive from the outset and increasingly so over time thanks to productivity gains. For this purpose, ECP implements a package of key solutions:

  • Involvement of the service managers from the start of our service provision to make them operational and effective immediately, as they will be familiar with the specifications, help define the future organization and maintain a relation with the client,
  • Establishment of organizations in line with needs and based on clear lines of responsibility both in relation to the client’s production project (project manager, group leaders, two-people teams, etc.) and the competence level (business line experts, back-office technique, etc.).
  • Active help in drawing up a clear (scope, deliverables, duration), pertinent and flexible (flat-rate provisions, provisions for billing by docket) contract depending on the service desired,
  • Mobilization of mixed teams with a strong local element, partial or intermittent assignments to “mold” as closely as possible to client needs, with the possibility of expert intervention on specific issues,
  • Deployment of production, management and continuous improvement tools which facilitate and smooth the provision of the service,
  • Creating a spirit of partnership with the client for a shared vision of the issues at stake and their evolution, anticipate evolving needs, provide information and advice, etc.

In certain cases, our clients are insufficiently mature to specify the desired outcomes from this kind of service. In this case, ECP can assist in an analysis of needs by helping to map the projects concerned (size, complexity, issues at stake) on the one hand and on the other the scope of the future service (businesses, deliverables, deadlines, etc.) and in this way help draw up the specifications.

Moreover, depending on the scope of the service, ECP works with a network of partners with whom we regularly set up teams to find solutions that exactly suit your needs (engineering consultancies, legal experts, and more).

ECP is an expert in project management and knows all the specific issues at stake in the different industries and its clients’ projects, and is therefore able to deploy integrated, productive, scalable and results-driven services (project management support, PMO, business support platforms).

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