For a project owner, prime contractor or engineering company, project coordinator or construction company, project mode generates a need for skilled resources which can vary considerably. This means that our clients have to make use of operational support services to mobilize the means they need to carry out their projects.

Technical support: efficient technicians, fully integrated into your ongoing project

The satisfaction of our clients is contingent on two aspects: responsiveness and the capacity to mobilize resources all over France and abroad. On both these points, ECP is able to deliver. Our responsiveness is based on honed forecasting of the workload of our people and a recruiting unit organized exactly by our business units in anticipation of needs. Moreover, with agencies in France, our subsidiaries and partners abroad we are able to mobilize our means on the one hand through established processes and on the other through local resources, which makes our services economically competitive and socially responsible.


Over and above this, ECP’s operational support services also set it apart:

  • We guarantee the level of skills of the resources we mobilize thanks to an exacting recruiting process (face-to-face interviews, testing of technical competence, personality analysis), continuous training in the best business practices and tools, and knowledge of our clients’ business sector.
  • We assist our people at every level, with a technical back-office, a clear, available managerial line, unfailing attention to issues of health and security and a wall-to-wall business environment abroad (social contributions, taxation, administration, logistics, etc.),
  • Our clients can rest assured that our services comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to them, notably abroad,
  • Thanks especially to our multi-mission business support platform, we hone our services to suit our clients’ workload: full-time or part-time assignments, continuous or discontinuous or even occasional.


ECP injects all its know-how and all its values of excellence into its operational support services, offering its clients high-level, competitive value added.

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