The complexity of industrial projects is prompting the majority of businesses to turn to project management consultants to safeguard their investments.

By choosing ECP, you are opting for competitive project management support with excellence guaranteed.

Project management support:
ECP shoulders you in industrial project management,
whatever the location and whatever the size

Since its foundation in 1988, the focus of ECP’s work has been on industrial project management support or prime contractor services, notably in the oil, gas, nuclear, defense, transport, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and metallurgy sectors, as well as others.

ECP offers services throughout major construction, deconstruction and maintenance shutdown projects and assists its clients from the feasibility phase and execution right through to commissioning, and in every aspect of project management.

Built around its team of consultants, ECP has an efficient, responsive structure both externally, as regards its service to clients, and internally, as regards its services to its own staff. This type of organization enables us to continuously optimize our recruitment, training, communications, methodologies, tools and support for our consultants with the consistent aim of providing top-level services and customer satisfaction.

It also allows us to work at a variety of levels:

  • Organizational: to listen, analyze and recommend the establishment of structures conducive to optimized, project-by-project management.
  • Methodological: to train and help clients acquire project management know-how.
  • Operational: to ensure that clients deploy resources and tools which give them control over their projects in terms of cost, schedule and quality.

With a team of more than 200 specialized consultants, the company has built up a wealth of experience with major accounts and developed its methodology together with institutional project management players.

An independent company with independent consultants and experts

ECP has the advantage of being an independent company, the founders and shareholders of which are still involved in it, which allows it to carry out missions objectively, notably those carried out in a consulting or expert capacity.

Moreover, the size of ECP allows it to respond very rapidly to clients’ needs and deliver solutions appropriate to those needs by means of detailed studies and tailored solutions. We are extremely flexible in the way we offer our services to respond to clients’ constraints as closely as possible.

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