Gerard Rousseau - Project Management ECP AssystemGérard Rousseau


Euro Contrôle Projet (ECP), the objective of which is to offer project management services tailored to specific project needs and the culture of its clients.


Ecp management apostolo lionelLionel Apostolo

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Marseille’s Ecole Centrale engineering school, started career doing project work with engineering companies in the gas, refinery, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, then at ECP advanced from operations consultant to the Managing Board after stints with Sales and Operations.

« Providing project management services with the focus on excellence and expertise is the guarantee of a sustainable business model and proven value added for our clients and co-workers. »



Technical Department

Several years ago corporate management created an in-house Technical Department incorporating all ECP’s experts, know-how and technology benchmarking of all the businesses involved in project management.

Over the years, the Technical Department of ECP experts has grown and today comprises the centers of excellence in planning, contract management and purchasing, cost control, project risk management, claim management, estimation and QSSE. These centers of excellence are tasked with covering ECP’s core business as it now stands, but also with identifying the strategic orientations of tomorrow’s business; each center of excellence manager has not only to master the state of the art in his or her field but also have a sense of which way developments are moving in a constantly changing world. The principal responsibility of these managers is to define the methods and tools that all the consultants must use for the benefit of ECP’s clients. They deploy internal training courses, business workshops and methodological guides and consolidate lessons learned. They also provide sales support for the business managers. Lastly, they provide support for recruiting new consultants and for all HR-related processes (assessment, skills validation, etc.).

The multi-mission business support platform

In 2011 ECP established a multi-mission business support platform entitled PMM (standing for “plateau multi-missions”), which incorporates around a dozen co-workers based at our two main sites of Aix-en-Provence and Paris – La Défense. This team allows us to respond to certain needs in an innovative way and with a method, proven over the past three years, which has garnered the full satisfaction and gratitude of our clients.

Providing these services as a package on a time-sharing basis enables us to offer responsiveness, flexibility, availability and a ready ear, and to deliver top-quality outcomes.

The PMM team is made up of motivated co-workers with multidisciplinary skills and acknowledged experience in the different domains of project management support. Estimation, systems engineering (functional analysis, value analysis, configuration management, interfaces, performance monitoring, etc.), planning, monitoring of costs, risks, quality, and drawing up the documents for the tender process, are skills that can be deployed in various sectors of activity (including onshore and offshore oil, petrochemicals, nuclear energy, defense, metallurgy) and at various project phases (study, construction, dismantling, revamping, etc.).

ECP’s network of experts

ECP has set up a network of experts that includes both members of the Technical Department and external experts with a shared vision of ethics and competence-sharing. Currently made up of around ten members and entitled “ECP Network”, it works to a charter of values and new members are co-opted.

This network has two main objectives:

  • To offer very high-level multi-disciplinary expertise and to be deployed primarily at key project phases to aid decision-making. This expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of ECP’s sectors of deployment.
  • To pass on this expertise. A programme of interactive databases is currently being established. This will enable data on activities in the nuclear industry to be shared and exploited, with a first module devoted to estimation.