Contractors and industrial suppliers are today being asked to assume responsibilities outside their accustomed scope of competence. How can they meet these demands? ECP has the answer.

Increasingly weighty responsibilities for contractors and industrial suppliers

As time goes on, we are seeing a substantial increase in the burden of responsibility on contractors and industrial suppliers. These ever broader responsibilities end up falling outside the initial scope of their specialized technical field.

These companies can no longer afford to limit their competence solely to the technical issue in hand.

Increasingly, clients are demanding that you include risks, a management plan, a quality plan and other elements and placing numerous other responsibilities on your shoulders which you, as a technical partner, might sometimes have difficulty in assuming.
We know of many other examples (confidential) of major companies losing out on large contracts simply because they did not have the requisite competences to manage a project. Today, some of them entrust their projects to us and ask us to pass our know-how on to their teams.

How to respond to these new industrial challenges when the budget still has to be kept to a minimum?

Here lies one of ECP’s greatest strengths, the direct result of our experience out in the field and our close relationship with contractors and industrial suppliers over several decades.

Today, ECP is the only partner capable of mobilizing resources that are tailor-made for you

No set menu: service “à la carte”.

You could call them “haute couture” services perfectly tailored to your needs. Depending on the size of the challenge, you can mobilize us:

  • For spot assignments for key events or milestones in your project (responding to tenders, setting up processes, negotiating contracts, etc.).
  • For periodic assignments of a few days a month to measure project progress and update indicators and reporting, etc.
  • For continuous but “lightweight” assignments on a part-time basis.

The other companies with the capacity to provide support tend to talk of “full-time equivalent”, whereas we think in terms of “à la carte” so that you really know where you are going and what the qualitative and quantitative framework is.

A major tool: the multi-mission support platform (Plateau Multi-Missions, PMM), ideal for the constraints facing contractors and industrial suppliers.

This multi-mission support platform (“PMM”) comprises 15 specially trained engineers. They are highly flexible, highly mobile and their training is focused on multidisciplinary skills and painstaking work tailored to your needs.
Because the devil is in the detail….

Training is always an option.

In the quite natural objective of preventing you from remaining dependent on us, our business unit Orya takes charge of improving the skills of your engineers and ensuring that you have greater project management maturity.

And the results speak for themselves!

  • A large industrial supplier specializing in systems for handling heavy loads in the nuclear and oil/gas industry called on ECP to draw up the different plans to be integrated into their tenders.
  • A contractor specializing in dismantling nuclear plants called on us to conduct the risk analysis for one of its major projects to safeguard the investment of its client.

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