Today, project owners or engineers of industrial projects have to adapt to fluctuating, short-term economic contexts. ECP has a vast, variable offering of project management support for optimal workload planning. Project monitoring, contracts/purchases, technical coordination, quality-safety-security – for our clients we find solutions that help them keep projects and margins under control.

Helping establish smooth workload planning to guide your projects

The flexibility of your usual service providers will not suffice to create the workload plan you dream of – one which exactly fits a project or portfolio of projects.

The real issue at stake (what you have to gain) is to find the perfect mix between the quality of the resources they offer and adapting them exactly to budget or needs.

This is why ECP has come up with the innovative solution of a variable, three-tier service offering:

  • individual,
  • a business support “platform”,
  • bespoke.

In all cases, whether in France or internationally, the resources we mobilize are qualified (strict selection and training processes), reliable (stable, loyalty-building labor contract policy), managed (clear lines of responsibility), supported (business, logistics, health and safety support) and tool-assisted (methods, software, equipment, etc.).

Make the most of it – this is a unique formula. Contact us to find out more.

Growing complexity and risk in industrial projects: what ECP can do in terms of contract management for prime contractors and project engineers

Faced with the complexity of projects, the growing burden of constraints imposed by their clients and the need to entrust responsibility for the execution of crucial project phases to third parties, prime contractors have to have total control over their contractual processes with both their clients and their suppliers, as this is one major condition on which their margins depend.

When they entrust the crucial phases of industrial project management to ECP, prime contractors or project engineers know they can rely on its contract management expertise.

Keeping control of contracts in project management

Of course, the principal objectives are:

  • To establish a balanced relationship with clients and suppliers.
  • To integrate international standards.
  • To balance the clauses in terms of risks.
  • To monitor contracts properly, integrating changes and claims.
  • To audit suppliers and take charge of expediting.
  • To assert and defend your rights in the case of litigation.

Detecting loopholes, avoiding them and managing a project or portfolio of different projects smoothly and intelligently.

ECP is very familiar with all these issues and resolving them is one of the strongest points of our teams. To do so, ECP relies on its specialist resources, its expert knowledge of reference contract systems such as FIDIC or NEC and the support of legal experts.

  • We know how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your client or supplier contracts.
  • We know how to anticipate and build winning tactics for taking advantage of these and preventing or countering claims.
  • Thanks to our specialist business unit Orya, we have all the requisite skills for increasing the competence of your engineers on these delicate issues.

Claim treatment – a typical ECP skill rarely found elsewhere today.

Evidently, we know how to assert or demolish claims.

While common in the English-speaking world, this is a rare skill in France. We know how to inject project knowledge into a claim (e.g. forensic planning) either to assert or demolish it. This is of major consequence for you, as it helps you minimize or avert altogether penalties, delays and cost overruns.

And the results speak for themselves!

  • The number one French power supplier has signed a multi-year framework agreement with ECP to manage contracts and claims for all its engineering centers.
  • An engineering company specializing in gas treatment has entrusted the task of setting up its expediting unit to ECP.

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