ECP guarantees sound results on the issues of major importance to industrial project owners: keeping costs as low as possible, optimizing the technical solutions, ensuring maximum safety, starting production as rapidly as possible and managing claims.

The all-important return on investment:
ECP helps keep CAPEX under control

Keeping CAPEX under control is key.

In a sometimes fluctuating global context (one typical example is the recent drop in the price of a barrel of oil), there is a strong tendency to try to keep costs as low as possible. This makes keeping the CAPEX of projects under control a key issue and one of vital importance for the project owner. ECP is fully aware of this and in the present context it is easy to understand the value of what our experience can offer.

What does ECP do that sets it apart from other project management support companies?

Switching from a “nice to have” to a “good enough” approach calls for profound comprehension of the parameters influencing the cost of a project. ECP has it.

  • What sets ECP apart: often, we come in at a very early stage in a project – that is, at a stage where greater savings can be made for our clients. It is during these stages that value analysis is most important.
  • When we assist our clients in optimizing costs, we conduct, or audit, an estimation, of CAPEX in which we place special emphasis on the risks by undertaking a dual analysis, qualitative and quantitative, which is rare in industry. We implement cost control processes and tools based not on accounting figures after the fact, but on a prior vision based on the project’s technical aspects (physical process, earned value, changes, etc.).

And the results speak for themselves!

  • As part of a deep offshore oilfield development project, our client entrusted the supervision and critical analysis of the CAPEX estimation (>$10G) at the Open Book Tender phase.
  • Two major players in the nuclear fuel cycle chose ECP for framework agreements on cost control issues.
  • We are assisting the number one European player in the missile industry in implementing an earned value management (EVM) process.

Safety: ECP provides concrete solutions

Safety is not optional

At ECP, safety in industrial projects and risk analysis and prevention are almost inherent, natural reflexes. Why?

Because since 1988 we have been working in our clients’ sectors of activity and know their specifics, their projects and their installations.

Industrial operators/project owners are right at the top of the chain of responsibility in safety matters and error can prove disastrous. The experience that this has forged in ECP is extremely beneficial for your company and its industrial projects where integrated safety management is concerned.

What does ECP do that sets it apart from other project management support companies?

  • ECP implements a global approach to safety: process definition and deployment, risk analysis, prevention plans, preventive measures, etc.
  • We have created an ISSOW (Tracks) based on dematerialization for use on project worksites, which makes the permit to work process extremely robust.

And the results speak for themselves!

  • A large producer of intermediary aluminum products asked us to supervise safety at its facility during a major revamping project,
  • A global oil company began dematerializing permits to work on nine of its sites (cumulated crude production of around 1Gbp/day) using the TRACKS tool from ECP.

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