Financing, insuring or authorizing a project? For these key players in the life cycle of an industrial asset, this kind of decision, fraught with consequences, has to be based on concrete, clear elements that define the balance between risk and profit.

Weighing up the risks and options of a major investment in a clear-sighted, objective manner.

Since humankind has existed, the greatest advances have been achieved thanks to the spirit of investment and enterprise in ambitious industrial projects.
Weighing up the “pros” and “cons” of a large-scale project is no easy matter.

ECP has the know-how to assess a project or case for investors or for insurers and regulatory bodies

The decision to go ahead or not in financing, insuring or authorizing a major project has to be founded on an expert analysis of all the predictive aspects of that project. From this perspective, ECP’s experience is an advantage that is difficult to ignore.
Deloitte did the right thing in setting up a partnership with ECP based on their Project Predictive Analysis© tool and our capacity for analysis and consequently making the best recommendations for the benefit of our common clients.

And the results speak for themselves!

The Risk Appreciation and Insurance department of a large oil group has for a number of years tasked us regularly with assessing the value of some of its industrial assets so it can optimize its insurance costs.
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