Without periodic reporting on research projects in progress, investors risk lowering their budgets for the following year. Of course, this is something to be avoided. ECP can provide valuable help in this domain.

The general public is not well aware of the issues at stake for research bodies and institutes.

The development of budgets allocated to research are extremely dependent:

  • on publications,
  • on reporting as to the use of budget resources for the current year.

However, a researcher’s education and experience naturally incline them to do research. Anything outside this framework, in which they feel motivated and at ease, appears needless and time-wasting to them.

However, investors (private or institutional) want to have open access to information about the annual portfolio of research projects in progress

  • What stage are you at?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • Do we give up this lead or continue?
  • etc.

What does ECP do to help ensure that budgets will last or grow?

We assist private or institutional research bodies as follows:

  • We ensure that all the different reporting processes run smoothly.
  • We help you sort projects because your budget allocation is not elastic.
  • We help you avoid all the “fuzziness” and reporting delays that annoy investors so much.

In fact, we put all our accumulated experience in the management of major industrial projects to the benefit of research.

 And the results speak for themselves!

In a biofuel research project managed and funded by a group of public research bodies, ECP established and circulated a clear, brief, smooth reporting process that provided an overview to all the stakeholders.
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