Future co-workers: join the ECP team and play an active role in our corporate development!

Our HR policy is focused on you, our co-workers:


On your arrival at ECP, you are put in contact with your mentor who will guide you through your first steps with the company.
You will take part in a group induction day at our headquarters in Aix-en-Provence, both to meet the team (presentation of the different departments and their objectives) and to talk about ECP’s strategy. It is a chance to talk about our shared ambitions.
Immediately after this induction day, you will take part in an initial training session on all the lines of business involved in project management.


Our training programme is aimed at helping your acquire the operational skills you need to carry out current and/or future missions.

Every year, we offer an in-house training programme on project management themes: planning, contract, risk and opportunity management, but also training in the specifics of some of our sectors, such as dismantling, revamping, etc.

For other, more specific needs, we are assisted by external bodies selected for the quality of the training they provide: languages, office software or team management.

We consistently aim for quality and to be the number one reference in project management; this is why we also offer PMI certification cycles, a methodology which we already apply to our projects and wish to develop.

Continuous methodological support

Your induction program includes an interview with one of the members of the Technical Department, which is an opportunity to focus your skills and identify the work that we can do together.

On your arrival, in collaboration with the recruitment teams, the Technical Department and your hierarchy, we identify any technical support you might need, together with you.

Each and every one of you has something to tell us about how we can improve practices and strengthen our expertise.

Career development support

Capitalizing on experience, lessons learned, business support, best-practice sharing – these phrases will be part and parcel of your life at ECP.

We work together to carry out quality missions with guaranteed results for our clients, while at the same time keeping an eye on your professional development.

We encourage functional and geographical mobility

Diverse missions, clients, sectors of activity and localization – these are the opportunities open to you!

At ECP, mobility is part of the routine. Come and share in this experience, which combines adaptability, responsiveness, enrichment and, of course, ECP’s support which ensures successful missions.