How to apply for a post as industrial project engineer, project management consultant, technical coordinator, systems engineer, risk, cost, project or project portfolio audit management engineer, coach, planner, and more.

Recruiting, how do I apply?

You can apply to one of the job offers published on our Web site, on a specialist job site or one of the social media, or you can send a spontaneous application directly to our Web site.

We undertake to respond to your application within three weeks.

If your application corresponds to an available post, one of our recruitment officers will contact you to arrange an interview at one of our offices.

A second, technical interview might be arranged. The aim of this is to confirm that your profile corresponds exactly to the available post. It also enables us to put in place the support you will need for a successful career path (training, support from a more experienced staff member).

You will then be informed of the final decision regarding recruitment.
Applicants who are not selected may be offered similar posts at a later date.

You’ve just signed your contract! Welcome to ECP!